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Ecommerce Shipping Solutions

No ecommerce business can develop and grow without a logistics backbone. Instead of investing time and resources into developing logistics operations, you can partner with a proven shipping company that will deliver your packages safely and reliably. UNIVAL Logistics provides innovative ecommerce shipping solutions that can help expand your business.


Punctual and
Secure Delivery

Customer satisfaction depends on timely delivery. UNIVAL Logistics can safeguard your brand and reputation by making sure that each package is delivered on time, as it was ordered. No matter the size or number of orders, each of your customers will get the attention they deserve.

Professional ecommerce shipping does not only rest on expedient delivery. Your customers need to receive their packages undamaged and unbroken. UNIVAL’s experienced staff will make sure that each of order is handled with care and precision.

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Insurance for Large and Small Business Ecommerce Shipping

To fully protect you from the risks of transit, we also offer full-value shipping insurance. Each package can be insured at premium rates for up to $150,000 for domestic and $100,000 for international shipments. With our customized insurance, you are risk-free regardless of what you are shipping.


Manage Multiple Online Orders through API Integration

Whether you are shipping internationally or domestically, you can know where your cargo is at each leg of the journey. All the vehicles in our fleet are equipped with onboard recorders, so you can easily check when your packages will arrive.

You can integrate your ecommerce business or website with UNIVAL’s logistics functionalities through our easy-to-use API. Streamline the shipping process and manage multiple online orders. In addition, Unival allows you to track your packages globally so that you can know where your cargo is at each leg of the journey.


Risk-Free Global Shipping

Unival Logistics can be your logistics partner that will enable your ecommerce business to grow. You can safely focus on running your core business while we take care of the logistics aspects. Our innovative ecommerce shipping solutions will ensure that each order arrives undamaged and on time. Our aim is to protect your reputation and help you develop.