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How do I register with UNIVAL Logistics?
Is registration free of charge?
I've registered before, but can't remember my password. Do I need to register again?
Do I need to fill out all the fields provided in the UNIVAL Logistics registration form?
Can I access your services without signing up?
I have filled out the mandatory fields, but the Submit button is still inactive. What should I do?
I need some assistance for the registration process. How can I contact UNIVAL Logistics?

Account Information

How do I log in securely to my account?
I've forgotten the username and password for my account. How do I retrieve it?
I am using my valid login details, but am not able to login. What should I do?
Can I stay signed in?
Will my personal and financial data remain private?
What are the different account types?
Can I use my UNIVAL account for free?
Your website offers SSL encryption protection for every account. How does it work?
Will I be prompted to enter a security authentication code to login?
Can I access my account on both PC and Mac?


Do you ship all across the US states?
How do you conduct the delivery of merchandise?
How do you track my entire shipment of high-value goods?
How long would the deliveries take?
Does UNIVAL Logistics sell cargo containers?
Do you conduct the deliveries during Holidays?
The shipments need to reach urgently. Can UNIVAL Logistics guarantee a quicker delivery?
Whom do I contact if I have a query or issue about the shipments?
Do you help with documentation process for my international shipments?v

Payment Concerns

What payment options do you offer?
What credit cards are accepted?
Can the costs change after the booking?
Can I realize substantial amount of savings by shipping with UNIVAL Logistics?
How much do I need to pay to avail your services?
Should I undertake a post-audit of all my freight bills?
Should I undertake a post-audit of all my freight bills?
How much taxes and duties should I pay on my shipments?
Should I keep my cargo insured?