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Professional Shipping for
the Technology Industry

Be in control of your shipping experience with UNIVAL Logistics. We provide customizable domestic and international insurance at premium rates, global tracking, and API integration options. But, above all, we provide secure electronics shipping.


Customizable Shipping Solutions
for High-End Electronics

When it comes to shipping electronics, there is always the possibility of your equipment being damaged during transit. UNIVAL Logistics manages the risks by providing end-to-end shipping solutions to deliver your cargo safely to its destination.

You need staff with years of experience in handling shipments of electronic equipment. The only way to be reasonably sure your packages do not get damaged or broken is to partner with a logistics company that puts your need first. And that is what we do at Unvial Logistics.

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A Double Layer of Security with Full-Value Shipping Insurance

Do you still think shipping high-end electronics is too insecure? You are not being unreasonable. Many issues can arise between drop-off and delivery. That is why UNIVAL enables you to take out full-value insurance on all of your packages.

Whether you are shipping electronics domestically or internationally, we will provide you with a customizable insurance plan that can cover your package for up to $150,000. Rest easy in the knowledge that even if your package does not reach its destination undamaged, you are covered for any potential losses you might incur.


Know the Location of Your Devices at All Times

Each vehicle in our fleet is equipped with onboard records so you can know where the package is at all times. Besides global tracking, we also provide API integration options. Integrate your website with UNIVAL’s shipping functionalities and manage the shipping process from one platform.


Unique Solutions for Contemporary Challenges

Hiring UNIVAL Logistics is not only about a one-time delivery of goods. We intend to become your logistics partner, provide innovative end-to-end solutions for any challenges you may face, and tailor our services to your specific needs. You focus on your primary business while we cover the logistics aspects.