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Terms of Use

Please read the terms of use carefully before using the UNIVAL Logistics website (the "Website"). These terms of use (the "terms of use") govern your accessibility and use of the website and all products, and services available on the Website. You can use the Website only on the condition that you accept the terms of use set forth here. If you do not agree to the same, you may not access or use the UNIVAL Website.

The Website is provided by UNIVAL Logistics and is accessible only to entities and individuals over the age of legal majority who are able to form legally binding agreement(s) required by applicable law. If you do not meet the criteria, you are not permitted to use the Website. Specific terms may apply to the use of certain services provided to you on the Website.

Changes to the Terms of Use

UNIVAL Logistics may revise and update the Terms of Use at any time. Your sustained usage of the Website after any alterations to the Terms of Use will denote you accept those changes. Any feature of the Website may be modified, deleted, supplemented, or updated without prior notice at the sole discretion of UNIVAL. The company might also change the cost for products and services offered through the Website in its sole discretion at any time. UNIVAL may establish or alter, at any time, general practices, methods, and limits regarding any other UNIVAL Logistics products and services in its sole discretion.

Privacy Notice

A user's personal information that is not publicly accessible and that the user submits to UNIVAL Logistics such as user's name, contact numbers, residential address, and email address are all conditional on UNIVAL Logistics' Privacy Policy.

Guidelines for UNIVAL Website Use

  • Users are not allowed to post indecent, obscene, offensive, or unlawful content on the UNIVAL Website.
  • Users are prohibited from violating, abusing, defaming, or harassing the legal rights of other users of this Website.
  • Users are forbidden from circumventing or destabilizing security mechanisms, or probe into the networks, systems, and accounts utilized in association with this Website.
  • Users are not allowed to disseminate personal information obtained from the UNIVAL Website without the express consent of the concerned persons.
  • Users are prohibited from circulating personal information of individuals under 13 years of age which have been obtained from the UNIVAL Website.
  • Users are forbidden from accessing UNIVAL's technology systems, account data, files, or the Website's secure server.
  • Users are forbidden from uploading corrupted software, files, computer viruses, codes, or programs that may obliterate the operation of another party's computer.
  • Users are prohibited from posting proprietary software on the Website if they do not own the respective rights to do so.
  • Users are prohibited from modifying or erasing author attributions, owner designations and labels, legal notices that are posted, circulated, or uploaded to the UNIVAL Website.
  • Users are prohibited from implementing surveys, chain letters, commercial solicitations, and contests on behalf of UNIVAL.

Terms of Use

  • UNIVAL's services comprise of shipping the user's merchandise, consolidated, packed, and forwarded to the user's local address. UNIVAL may employ an unaffiliated third party carrier. Users will deal with any import obligations in the destination to which cargo will be sent.      
  • User authorizes UNIVAL to charge payment for all shipping services in the member account. These charges comprise but are not limited to consolidation costs, storage expenses, return fees, late fees, and other non-compulsory services availed by the user. Failure to offer payment may result in shipment penalties, late fees, membership cancellation, service suspension and involuntary return of merchandise.
  • Restricted or prohibited merchandise will be disposed, rejected, or surrendered to the Government.  
  • Insurance for shipping of merchandise is based on the pre-set insured value. and is subject to the carrier's terms and conditions. UNIVAL will review claims individually and pay those on package's declared value.
  • Users with claims for damaged or misplaced cargo must be submitted within the time limit set by the carrier. Claims are considered filed if a duly filled claim form, with documentation like receipts and photographs are received by UNIVAL. Particular merchandise have restricted limits of liability irrespective of the insurance paid and value declared.
  • Users have the responsibility to guarantee that merchants mark their respective package with complete and correct address. Any package with deficient, imprecise, or old addresses will be rerouted or discarded without prior notice.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The services, content and information on this Website are presented on an "as is" basis. UNIVAL, to the fullest extent permissible by law, disclaims all warranties, whether implied, express, legal or otherwise, including but not restricted to the indirect warranties of merchantability, non-contravention of third parties rights for a particular purpose. UNIVAL, its affiliates and licensors make no warranties about the entirety, exactness, security or timeliness of the content, services, or information provided on or through the Website. No information disseminated via the UNIVAL Website shall create any warranty not explicitly uttered by UNIVAL in these terms of use. You agree and concede that the limitations and exclusions of liability and warranty in these terms of use are fair and reasonable.

Limitation of Liability

As permitted by law, under no circumstances shall UNIVAL, its affiliates or licensors or any third parties mentioned at the Website be legally accountable for any indirect, incidental, penalizing, exemplary, and substantial damages, damages from lost data, lost profits, or business interruption owing to the use of or incapacity to use the UNIVAL Website and services, systems, content or information whether based on warranty, tort, contract, delict, or any supplementary legal theory, and whether or not UNIVAL is advised of the possibility of such damages. Without limiting the abovementioned, to the extent permitted by applicable law, you concur that under no circumstances shall UNIVAL's total liability for any damages or loss irrespective of the form of action or claim, whether in contract, tort or else, exceed the amount permitted by law. The remedies stated for you in these terms of use are limited and restricted to those expressly provided for in these terms of use.

Products and Services

Unless otherwise settled in writing, the transportation services mentioned in the Website are subject to UNIVAL's Terms and Conditions of carriage. Since these might differ depending on the location of the country of origin and destination of the shipment, please contact the UNIVAL personnel to obtain a copy of the terms of use. Not all of UNIVAL 's products and services might be accessible in every country.

Disclosure of Information

All information provided to UNIVAL Logistics by visitors of these web pages is considered to be confidential and will not be revealed by UNIVAL to any third party except required for the terms of the services.